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Commonly Asked Questions

What material are your banners made of?

This is the most asked question I’ve received over the years about our banners. All of our banners are made of a special material we call chipboard. It is a heavy weight paperboard material, much thicker than card stock. It is not cardboard, and is the highest quality paperboard.

How do I store my banner?

For easy storage, simply fold each card, one on top of the other in an accordion style, and place in a plastic bag or any other container for later use. I like using plastic ziploc bags to prevent any water from ever damaging the banner in the case of a leak. 

How do I hang my banner? 

There’s a variety of things you can use to hang your banner, my go-to is always scotch tape! You can also use tacks, place heavy objects to hold the ribbon in place if hanging on a shelf or fireplace mantle, or if you have hooks you can tie the ends of the ribbon to either hook. 

Can I change the colors of a design?

Yes, there is a $5 upcharge fee on top of the original banner price for doing so. Simply fill out a custom request form and let me know 1) which design you want to change the colors of and 2) which color(s) you would like. Click here to start your custom order.

How do I order a custom banner?

I have a custom request form set up for you to fill out and let me know what phrase/saying/word you would like. I will then contact you via email to let you know that I’ve received your custom request form and to make sure I correctly understand what you are wanting. Click here to start your custom order today!

Can I use my banner outside?

I have seen many people hang banners outside on their front porch and it’s super cute! If you would like to hang your banner outside, make sure it’s in a place that is protected from the elements. If it’s in direct sunlight, it can change the color of the cards or if it’s in the rain/snow, it can receive water damage. 
*As a disclaimer, I do not offer refunds or replacements for banners that are damaged while being hung outside. 

Can I have extra ribbon on the ends of my banner for hanging?

Yes, simply message me/send me an email and let me know the length of ribbon you would like and I can add more to fit your space at no additional cost to you.

Where can I hang my banner?

Anywhere you can imagine! Fireplace mantles, shelves, windows, doorways, playhouses, mirrors, the list is endless.

What is your current turn around time?

I am currently shipping orders 3-5 days after purchase. This has always been my turn around time and I hope to maintain it to ensure speedy delivery. If I am unable to keep up with orders and that turnaround time is changes, I will be sure to let you know via email if you have a pending order as well as have it posted on my website and Instagram so we’re all on the same page.

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