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A New Chapter:

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Lao Tzu

Image Credit:, Dani Alaez, Vasya B.H.

Are you like me and see this huge road ahead of you but have no idea how you’re ever going to have enough time to get there? There’s so much in life that you want to see and do and you have a compiled list of the million must-do stops along the way. When you look at it all though, do you ever think . . . there’s no way I’m going to be able to accomplish everything I want to. They say life is short so make it count. Can I really do everything that I want to?

The answer is...YES!! Absolutely! 100%! Life isn’t really as short as you think, and YES: you have time to do everything that you want! And more.

And it begins with a single step. One day at a time.

I feel like this is a new chapter in my life for several reasons:

#1. It’s a new year! As you all are well aware, 2020 was a disaster that we have all been more than happy to say goodbye to. Our lives were affected in many adverse ways, and it feels REALLY good to leave that behind and start anew. Even though all our problems haven’t completely disappeared, I have hope that with a new year and a new chapter, we can start over and do better than the past.

#2. Quite unexpectedly (but not unwelcome), we found our little family moving to a new city and new house! After a year of running my online business, our little two bedroom townhome was becoming claustrophobic with all my craft supplies and a curious toddler (bad combination). Our growing business and growing family needed a little more elbow room than 900 square feet. Everything fell into place looking for a new rental home and before we knew it, we made the move from Apache Junction to Queen Creek, Arizona (Yay!)

#3. This year I will be turning 25, and for some reason, it feels like a big milestone. If I live to be 100, then this year is my official quarter-century “checkpoint” (Quarter life crisis anyone? Lol! No, that happened last year). To think of all the things I learned the past 25 years, I can’t help but wonder what life lessons I’ll learn this next quarter. Only God knows.

I feel like our little family is off to a great start so far: I have my loving husband, our temple marriage, our sweet son, Landen. We have our business, our needs provided for, and limitless potential with room to grow.

Here’s to a quarter of growth, of learning, of lessons, of becoming more the people God has in store for us. May we follow Him through thick and thin, through the joy and the hardships, and be worthy instruments in His hands to bless the lives of others.

“By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” Alma 37:6

Love always,


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