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The Ultimate Birthday Freebie List!

Do you have a birthday? Well then, you're in luck...this blog post is for you! (see what I did there)

It's about dang time I made my personal birthday freebie list into an official blog post! I always have family and friends asking where to go to get free food for their birthdays. So here it is! My running list of local restaurants that offer either shop credit or free items on your birthday.

Some of these places even offer their deals for your entire birthday week. Or better yet, all month long! It's important to know the deadlines so you can make the most of your freebie day (it's all about strategy) So I will include those time frames here as well!

Be aware, if today is your birthday or if it's drawing near, many of these places only offer their birthday freebies if you are signed up for their emails or have their app downloaded in advance. So the time to sign up may have already passed for some places. But never fear! There are plenty of other restaurants that don't require anything other than your driver's license or another form of ID to prove that today really is your birthday. So make sure you bring that along! Double check and triple check that you have it before you leave the house. It's your golden ticket on your special day.

A few tips before you embark on your birthday freebie adventure:

Tip #1- If you're anything like my husband, you'll want to start out your day caffeinated. There are a variety of drink shops on this list and most of them have multiple locations. So make sure you locate where each one is so you don't miss out on any free drinks. My husband is obsessed with sodas and energy drinks, so for him: this tip is liquid gold!

There's only one problem with this..(I mean other than all the caffeine and sugar you just put in your body): you will most likely run out of cup holders in your car if you get too many drinks all at once (ask me how I know). And then your passenger is converted into a human cup holder. Well that is a little difficult if they are also holding all the food. So! Tip #2 is this: space out the drinks. Make sure you have time to drink one before getting another. I mean, for most that's just common sense. But there are some *cough Matthew* who go a little crazy. Or if you have friends/family in the car with you, do them a solid and get them a drink of their choice (Matthew totally does this, it's just that I'm more of a food person than drink lover so I can't down them as quickly as he can) That way everyone can stay happy and hydrated through your birthday excursion.

Tip #3- Whether you're in it more for the food or the drinks, I would suggest mapping out either the day or night before which places you want to visit most. This list is extensive and it's not even close to having everything on it. But there are only so many hours in the day! Time is precious. Make a list that prioritizes which freebies you want most of all and map out how you plan to hit all those places at the right time (ie I always love going to Joe's Farm grill for lunch, so we go to other places in the morning on our way to our desired lunch location).

Of course, it doesn't have to be a super strict time schedule. It's your birthday! This is your special day to celebrate you and indulge yourself in yummy treats. So no pressure if it doesn't all go completely according to plan. I'm just saying it's good to have a loose game plan the day before you head out to know which places you want most. Nuff said.

So hopefully those tips make sense and help you if you're planning to go to as many places as possible the day of your birthday.

Okay! On to THE. LIST. Here it is!!! Let me know of some of your favorite restaurants to visit on your birthday. Like I said, this list isn't even close to having all the birthday freebies. I'm always on the lookout for new places to try though and love recommendations!

*Screenshot this list!*

Birthday Freebie List:


Red Robin- bottomless fries and a free burger (Offer valid through your whole birthday month. Must create an account with them online at least month ahead of time and redeem through your email)

Benihana- $30 credit during your birthday month (Offer valid through your whole birthday month. Must create an account with them online at least month ahead of time and redeem through your email)

Buca de Bepo- $20 birthday credit (with $40 or more purchase) You also get a free colossal brownie. Both offers are good for 2 weeks after your birthday. Must be signed up a month before.

RA Sushi- $20 gift certificate (Must sign up to their emails, they will send you an email with your certificate that is good for your entire birthday month. *Important to note- this credit is only good Monday-Thursday. Cannot be redeemed on the weekends)

IHOP- free full stack of pancakes (Must be signed up for emails, although I feel like they would accept just an ID here if you walked in the day of your birthday. Offer valid via email for 2 weeks after your birthday)

Chipotle- Free chips and guac (with purchase of $5 or more. Offer valid on the app, must have an account created at least a month before)

Auntie Anne's- free pretzel

Habit Burger- free Char burger

Cafe Rio- $5 store credit (offer only available on the app, expires in 2 weeks)

Gecko Grill- free fried ice cream (the day of your birthday. Must show valid ID)

Nothing Bundt Cakes- free small Bundt cake (they ask that you sign up for their emails, but if you go in and show your ID they will give you a free small cake the day of your birthday)

Sprinkles- free cupcake (valid through the week of your birthday)

Portillos- free cake on your birthday (must show valid ID)

Jersey Mikes- free sub and drink (offer available on the app or email. Offer is valid for the entire year!)

Firehouse Subs- free medium sub (offer available on app or email. Offer is valid on your birthday or the following 6 days after)

AMC Theaters- free popcorn (you also get a free drink with your popcorn if you are a Premier or A-List member. Offer available on the app, expires at the end of your birthday month)

Denny's- free Grand Slam breakfast (must show valid ID)

YC's Mongolian Grill- free bowl on your birthday (must show valid ID. *Important to note- this place is weird about sharing and taking food to go. They want people to eat it there and you aren't allowed to share with others. You can get a to-go box after you make your bowl, but they will charge you .50 cents per box. However, they've never charged us, they always just say "next time don't forget" Once you're home, you can share or store it in the fridge)

Joe's Farm Grill- $13 birthday credit (day of your birthday only. Must show valid ID)

Joe's Real BBQ- $12 birthday credit (day of your birthday only. Must show valid ID)

Caldwell's BBQ- $15 birthday credit (day of your birthday only. Must show valid ID)


Sodalicious- free drink (with a limit of 2 syrups, day of your birthday, must show valid ID)

Black Rock Coffee- free drink of any size (day of your birthday, must show valid ID)

Dutch Bros- free drink (month of your birthday, offer available through app)

Soda Rush- free 24oz drink (day of your birthday, must show valid ID)

Swig- free cookie or drink (day of your birthday, must show valid ID)

And there you have it! Let me know of your favorite places to go for your birthday and if they offer any cool birthday freebies. Again, this is just my personal list off the notes in my phone. Obviously, it doesn't have everything, but these are my personal favorites that I know of here in AZ. I hope you find it useful and delicious:)

And if today is your birthday: I hope you have a very happy birthday!

Check out some of my birthday banners that are in the shop if you want to add some cute decorations to your day! I mean, you're saving a lot on food right? ;) You can put that money towards something that will last many birthdays to come. Food is nice but banners last forever (do I sense a new slogan coming?)

Xoxo~ Emma

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